Catering Services

For authentic Texan food, come to Smokin’ Joe’s Inc where you’ll find the best grilled meats.
We provide hot dog catering and hot dog delivery in Dallas!

Catering Services

Catering Services | Smokin Joes Inc - Dallas, TX

From hoedowns to birthday parties, wedding receptions to corporate events, nothin’ gets a party started quite like freshly grilled Texan grub from Smokin’ Joe’s Inc. Our traditional Texan menu is the perfect way to keep folks at your event happy, and our prices are competitive.

From the best burgers and hotdogs, to steak, chicken wings, and lobster, we can serve up our traditional menu or cook whatever you’re looking for. Dallas' hamburger man and hotdog man! Choose whether you want us to grill on location or serve fresh, hot grub buffet style and chow down at your leisure; either way’s a winner with Smokin’ Joe’s Inc in Dallas!

Here at Smokin’ Joe’s Inc, we’re always lookin’ to keep our customers happy and our catering services are the best around. You’ll find all the Texan favorites we serve at our smokin’ hot dog stand locations across the area and a few more besides. So whether you’re cravin’ brats and hotdogs, or burgers and lobster, you can pick n’ mix from our standard menu and additional extras to suit your individual tastes.

With a range of relishes and toppings to choose from, add sauerkraut, jalapenos, ketchup and mustard to your meats or pick from hearty toppings, including chili or cheese. Our bread is fresh from Flowers Bakery. Dine with us and you’re experiencing authentic Texan food, just the way you like it!

Our catering services ain’t for just anyone – they’re for those looking to make their next event the talk of the town. Whatever you’re gettin’ together to celebrate, from a graduation to a birthday, relax and let us take care of the grillin’ for some of the best food around. One thing’s for sure, with Smokin’ Joe’s Inc catering services in Dallas, TX, you’ll never be left hungry!